As online marketing and search engine optimization specialists, we continually keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest developments and changes from search engines. We pass the benefits of our knowledge and experience along to our clients. First, we examine your existing website and take into account both factors on your website (onpage) and external elements, such as links to and from your website, business directory entries, forums, and social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

From that point, we’ll work with you to determine your goals and how quickly you’d like to reach them. After spending some time on the creative and conceptual phase of the website development, we’ll help you get your site up and running or, as your all-inclusive online agency, implement all those measures for you to improve the site’s visibility.

Once your new website is out there for the public to see and explore, you’ll be able to continually track its performance. You’ll receive status reports detailing its ranking in popular search engines.

Since SEO is an ever-changing field, you’ll receive updates on keywords as well as various terms consumers are using when looking for the types of products or services you provide. You’ll also be kept apprised of your website traffic. Remaining at the tops of the SERP’s is an ongoing process, and these reports and updates are an integral part of keeping your site visible.

Needless to say, other offers and services provided by our agency complement your journey to the top of online searches. For example, written and visual content updates and modifications to your link profile help keep you from dropping in rank over time. We use our own tools, knowledge of our industry, and experience gained through past successful projects to your advantage. You continually benefit from our know-how and experience in search engine optimization, and we take pride in staying on top of any changes in the field.

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    Content Optimized for Your Readers

    Making sure your website can be easily indexed by search engines is vital to being seen, but your content needs to be well-written, informative, and arranged in an easy-to-read format to keep visitors from losing interest and turning to your competition. We’ll help you draw the attention of the search engines while still catering to the expectations of the target audience.

    Visual Appeal

    You don’t want to cram so many visual elements into the website they’ll overwhelm viewers, but you don’t want to leave them searching desperately for information either. We’ll help you find the right balance of dynamic graphic design and white space.

    User-Friendly Setup

    Your viewers expect easy navigation and straightforward explanations of where to find the specific information they’re looking for. Our team helps make sure your website meets their approval.

    Responsive Design

    Computers have branched out considerably since they first made their way into homes around the world. You never know if your prospects are going to be visiting your site from their phones, tablets, laptops, stationary computers, or even their watches. If your site isn’t working well for them at any given time, they’ll switch companies before they switch devices. Our WordPress themes offer the responsive design you need to make sure your website is available regardless of the devices your public is using.

    Our team covers all your bases when it comes to boosting your online presence. You know your industry inside and out, and we do our part to help convey your level of knowledge and expertise to your target audience. It’s a deeply involved and ongoing process, but we’re here to help you reach the top and stay there regardless of the continuously arising changes in search engine algorithms and public mindset.

    At Awantego, we offer as much or as little help as you need in the website design, SEO, and online marketing process. Whether you want us to take your ideas and run with them or you’d rather learn the ropes and take the reins yourself, we’re here to make it happen. We keep ourselves informed on the latest developments so we can pass them along to you, and we make sure you’re always in the loop.

    Let us put our experience to work for you so your company can rise to the top of your industry.