what you need to know about wp themes

What is a WordPress Theme?

The way your website looks is crucial. Everything needs to look good together, needs to work together properly, and needs to be easy for potential customers to read through. It’s important to have a basic style that’s consistent through all of your pages so your customers recognize they’re on your website and know where to

User Interfaces

A Beginner’s Guide to UX and UI Design

In today’s technical and creative environments, the terms user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are used frequently, but they refer to concepts that existed long before the terms were first used. However, these terms are rapidly becoming buzzwords that are commonly used in inappropriate situations, which presents difficulties for specialists and job seekers alike.

Tips on Choosing the Best Free WordPress Theme

  Congratulations for your interest in WordPress! However, choosing the perfect theme from the thousands of Free WordPress Themes can quickly become overwhelming. Here are a few tips to aid in your choice for your best free WordPress theme: Graphics Affect Conversions Never forget that the whole point of the website is conversions, whether product