Online Marketing Buzzwords: Content Amplification

Anyone scoping with topics in the field of online marketing knows the value of good and unique content, which is persistently created (three million blog posts are published every day!). Companies who are successful at content marketing try to get the most out of the content they create. With Content Amplification, you have a method for increasing the

How to Get Featured on Linkedin

LinkedIn has over the years been a great source of help to millions of bloggers out there. It mostly deals with lengthy and engaging posts that are sure to attract readers’ attention. Through LinkedIn, you can open unimaginable doors in your career. Wondering how to get featured on Linkedin? Read on to find out. Your first

Similar Audiences: An Amazing New Google AdWords Feature Every Business Should Explore

Keyword research isn’t always enough to draw new viewers to a website, and Google recognizes this. They continue to search for ways to help businesses attract new visitors to their site, and Similar Audiences for Search is a feature created to do exactly this. Businesses making use of Google AdWords will find this feature to